“Meridian Logistics Company” (Meridian Logistics LLC) – is the young, dynamically developing transport-forwarding company considering constantly changing market demands and always ready to meet the requirements of the Customers. We are sure that our individual approach to every customer, our high professionalism and high-quality service have the most important impact on the customer’s business success and, consequently, on success of our company.

We are glad to offer our service on the following activities:

  • Arrangement of the cargo from “door to door” delivery
  • Container transportations
  • International roadhaulage
  • Arrangement of LCL and dangerous cargoes shipments by any kind of transport form Europe, China, USA and other countries
  • Warehouse service
  • Customs service
  • Arrangment of cargo insurance and proving customers with necessary advices and assistance in case of losses occurrence

The company is established in 2015 by team of professionals with a long-term successful experience in the field of transport-forwarding business.

Our basic principles:

  • Ensuring reliable and high-quality transport service
  • Provide necessary additional service
  • An individual approach to the every client needs

By your order the experts of “Meridian Logistics LLC” will help you to choose an optimum route of your cargo itinerary, give you necessary information depending on your transportation conditions and provide you with high-quality logistic service.

Sea container shipments

The international container shipments include:

  • Any service on FCL delivery on “door to door” scheme
  • Cargo delivery (pre-carriage) to port of loading and container shipments from most of countries to ports of discharge and places of delivery
  • Combined international container shipments with participation of railway and motor transport
  • Delivery of oversized, heavy, dangerous cargoes (ADR), delivery of cargoes requiring observance of temperature conditionTransshipment service in the ports of Russia, Baltic countries and Finland for further delivery to final consignees
  • Transit and customs formalities in the Russian ports

The Company provides:

  • High quality service
  • Strict control over the cargo’s movement
  • An individual approach to every client
  • Assistance in customs formalities and obtaining necessary permissions in customs authorities

Trucking transportations

The Company is ready to offer services of the international trucking transportation of goods including cargoes trucking transportations within Russia. The company possess its own park of container trucks.

The main features are as follows:

  • The total quantity of trucks – 25 (on the base of European vehicles with universal container truck trailers)
  • Civil liability insurance of trucking company
  • Satellite system of monitoring
  • High-quality arrangement of transportation, timely informing and punctuality
  • Accreditation in all ports of St.-Petersburg and Ust - Luga

The company provides:

  • Cargoes movements monitoring on all route
  • High-quality service
  • An Individual approach to every Customer
  • Assistance in customs formalities and obtaining necessary permissions in customs authorities

Cargo insurance

By additional request the Company experts are ready to offer their service on arranging cargo insurance for the period of its transportation and/or storage with the main Russian and European insurance companies on attractive tariffs We can recommend the best survey companies for inspection, survey and assessment cargo condition. In case of an incident having features of insurable events the specialists of the Company will provide you with necessary recommendations and instructions on relationship with the cargo Insurer, and appointed surveyor (an expert in a damage assessment and incident investigation) and also other involved parties for the purpose of receiving insurance compensations (reimbursement) according to terms of the contract of insurance.

International railway transportations

The Company is offering services on arranging container shipments using international railway networks

The Company provides:

  • High-quality service
  • World-wide agent network
  • An Individual approach to every Customer
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary permissions in realation to cargo

International air transportations of cargo

The Company is offering services on arranging international air transportations of cargos.

The Company provides:

  • High-quality service using world-wide agents and partners network
  • Strict control and monitoring over the carried cargoes
  • An individual approach to every Customer
  • Assistance in customs formalities and obtaining necessary permissions from customs authorities

LCL cargo transportations

The Company is offering services on arranging LCL cargo transportations using all means of transport.

We offer the following LCL transportations service:

  • Delivery of cargo from the customer’s warehouse to the warehouse of consolidation
  • Handling of cargo at the warehouse
  • Arrangement of cargo’s shipment to the country of destination
  • Customs formalities in the country of destination
  • From door to door “ delivery to the consignee

We are ready to arrange for you:

  • Choosing of the optimal route and the scheme of LCL cargo’s transportation
  • Cargo monitoring

Hazardous cargo’s transportation

The Company is offering servicing on arranging transportations of ADR cargoes by truck, railway and sea transport.

Customs formalities

The experts of The company are offering you the following services on customs formalities in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Novorossijsk and Vladivostok:

  • Customs clearance of import and export cargoes in accordance with Russian Federation legislation
  • Declaration of cargo
  • Assistance for classification of cargoes according to NHM